Allied is All About Getting You Back to What You Love!

We know that the true reason why guests visit us isn’t just to relieve pain, it’s to get back to what they love doing. Whether that be running, playing sports, gardening, or playing with your grandchildren, our mission is to get you back to what...

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Matthew Harkness


imgMatthew Harkness


Doctor of Physical Therapy Founder and President of Allied Physical Therapy Dr. Harkness’s vision was to offer patients solutions to getting back to what they love using natural and practical methods. He has a passion for providing a clear path to establishing and understanding the habits necessary for them to be able to continue doing what they love vs having surgery, using medication or other expensive high-risk treatments. Dr. Harkness holds a BS from Gordon College, Masters from Nova Southeastern University and a Doctorate in Evidence in Motion from the Institute of Health Sciences in Louisville, KT. Additionally, he studied advanced treatment of spine, neck and jaw facial pain/dysfunction at the University of St. Augustine. His focus is on helping patients who suffer from headaches, sciatica, fibromyalgia, TMJ dysfunction and breathing dysfunction. Educating his patients on the principles of health is priority to Dr. Harkness. With a few simple lifestyle changes anyone can make an impact on their health. He believes that Allied Physical Therapy is a guide in the process and the patient is the hero. He and his staff are simply there to get patients back on track if they falter. Living a healthy lifestyle is not complicated, it is about self-awareness. He encourages people to listen to their bodies, maintain good posture and exercise daily.

Calvin Smith


imgCalvin Smith


Calvin Smith, PT, DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy Dr. Calvin Smith joined the Allied Physical Therapy staff a year ago and holds a doctorate in physical therapy from Nova Southeastern University in Tampa, Florida. He also received a Bachelors of Finance degree from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida. Originally from Blytheville, Arkansas, Dr. Smith says he enjoys working at Allied Physical Therapy because it allows him to display his Christian faith openly and has allowed him the opportunities to continue to grow and develop. “Working at Allied Physical therapy is a joy because I love the atmosphere,” said Dr. Smith. “The staff, and most of all, the guests who we serve.” Dr. Smith will go above and beyond to take care of his guests’ needs and well-being. He always acts respectfully toward each person, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, religion, ethnicity, social or economic status, sexual orientation, health condition, or disability. He always ensures that the needs of his guests are put before his needs, which he says is very important to him. When he is not working, Dr. Smith enjoys spending time with his family. “We love to spend lots of time together and travel to any destination that is interesting, safe and fun,” he said. “We love exercising, and most of all love helping those who are in need.”

Rafael Rodriguez


imgRafael Rodriguez


Rafael is originally from Brooklyn, NY and spent more than 20 years as a personal trainer before deciding to further his education as a physical therapist. He received his doctorate in physical therapy from Nova Southeastern University. In addition, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from Brooklyn College and a Masters Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion from California University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Rodriguez says the best part of his job is listening to people’s stories so that he is in the best position possible to help them realize the wellness goals that they have set for themselves. “I want my guests to know that I am interested in them,” said Dr. Rodriguez. When he is not fulfilling his mission of helping his guests reach their ultimate goals, Dr. Rodriguez enjoys spending time being a father to his four amazing little girls and husband to his equally amazing wife. He also practices what he preaches – spending time five or six days each week at the gym before starting his day. He is also a sports fan – with a particular affinity for baseball. And when he finds the time, he also enjoys anything Star Wars-related!

Susanne McIntosh


imgSusanne McIntosh


Susanne McIntosh, DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy Susanne is originally from Boiling Springs, PA and has spent the last 33 years helping people to heal. She received her doctorate in physical therapy in 2020 from the Evidence in Motion Post-professional DPT Program after 33 years as a practicing physical therapist. She specializes in orthopedics and manual therapy. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Susanne has been the director of a clinic, owned her own Physical Therapy Practice and had a yoga studio. Certified in Yoga and Pilates, she has taught Ashtanga Yoga all over the world and has her own yoga videos. Dr. McIntosh defines herself as a servant of the Lord with a passion for loving others back to wholeness. Gratitude and joy are the gifts she brings to others naturally. She enjoys sharing the love of God and prayer. Active in her church, Susan does missionary work and global health reach. Susan enjoys gardening, singing, running and living a simple life.

Melissa Harkness


imgMelissa Harkness


Dr. Harkness found her passion for helping people while working with special needs children. She has a BS from Wheeling Jesuit University and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern in Ft. Lauderdale. Practicing since 2001, she specializes in pelvic floor physical therapy. She fell in love with the specialty while studying it. The more she learned about it, the more she wanted to help women with this issue. She attended the Herman Wallace Institute to study Women’s Health Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy and brings her experience and knowledge on the subject to the patients of Allied Physical Therapy. A dedicated professional, she is a member of the APTA Section of Women’s Health. To Melissa, your health is the most important thing to value. She says, “Living in pain or having dysfunction is not normal. There is help and conservative treatments are available.” Dr. Harkness is the proud mother of 4 children. Her family and faith are the most important things in her life.

Elizabeth Padron


imgElizabeth Padron


Since 1994, Elizabeth has been passionate about helping people get their lives back through physical therapy. She holds a PTA from Southern University of West Palm Beach and was raised in Miami but born in Spain. She specializes in Pelvic Floor Therapy and has attended the Herman Wallace Institute. She finds it rewarding to help people accomplish their goals and get their quality of life back through therapy. Her work with patients with Pelvic Floor issues is especially rewarding for her. She is also a Clinical Instructor for the APTA. Elizabeth enjoys an active lifestyle including hiking, mountain biking and travel. She encourages everyone to have faith and keep working toward their goals.

Cesar Mateo-Juan


imgCesar Mateo-Juan


Cesar has only been with Allied a short time, yet he is already a very important part of the Allied family. With an Associates Degree in General Studies from Florida Southwestern College and an Associates Degree in Physical Therapy from Keiser University, Cesar plans to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy. Active in his church, Cesar uses his skill on the guitar to sing to God, he says, and enjoys most of all the time he spends with his children, playing soccer and playing in the park. “I love the passion that the staff members have toward our guests,” said Cesar, “and doing our best to get them back to what they love.”

Nataliya Skrobach

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imgNataliya Skrobach


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Benjamin Meyer


imgBenjamin Meyer


Benjamin Meyer Benjamin Meyer, PTA Physical Therapy Assistant Marketing and Systems Director Ben is passionate about helping people get past their challenges. To him, the reward is seeing people succeed in their goals when coming back from a low point. With a Physical Therapy Degree from Boward College and 7 years of experience, Benjamin focuses on sports injury and orthopedic needs. His background as a certified personal trainer has been the foundation for his role at Allied Physical Therapy. He believes his position as PTA is to guide patients and show them the path, but ultimately it is up to them to reach their goal. In his spare time Benjamin follows his faith and teaches about the Bible. An avid fisherman, he likes the beach and brewing his own beer.


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