At IRG Physical & Hand Therapy – Smokey Point, our compassionate and experienced providers truly enjoy working with patients to empower them with the knowledge and skills to move forward on their journey to their best selves. We work to integrate physical therapy into a patient’s total healthcare st...

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Barak Pearson, PTA

Physical Therapy Assistant

imgBarak Pearson, PTA


Barak Pearson enjoys helping people through their recovery, seeing them make progress, and answering their questions while guiding them along the journey so they can reach their best selves

Kelli Garfield, OT, CEAS

OT- Hand, Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder ONLY

imgKelli Garfield, OT, CEAS


Engaging in our daily activities gives us a sense of purpose, and allows us to use our skills and talents. Kelli Garfield understands how injuries can affect our ability to participate in activities to our fullest. She is passionate about helping patients return to meaninful activities whether it relates to their everyday tasks, work, or hobbies. In her spare time Kelli enjoys hiking with her dog, Lizzie, attending fitness classes, and reading Specialties Include: Certified in Ergonomics Assessment

Gordon Browne, PT

Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

imgGordon Browne, PT


Gordon Browne is a movement junkie, having participated extensively in athletics and martial arts throughout his youth. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, he became certified in 1994 as a Feldenkrais Method ® practitioner. The Feldenkrais Method ® is a detailed movement and awareness system. With this certification whetting his appetite for more, Gordon took up yoga, t’ai chi and qi gong over the following years during which he blended these dynamic movement concepts and modified techniques into his own practice. Gordon loves to teach and has presented movement-related continuing education courses to physical therapists since 1999, both nationally and internationally. SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Feldenkrais Method ® Qi gong T’ai chi Yoga

Erin Morris, PT

Master of Science in Physical Therapy

imgErin Morris, PT


Erin Morris is passionate about helping all patients, from infants to the elderly, restore efficient movement patterns when there is pain, dysfunction and disability. As an ultramarathon runner, Erin possesses the keen knowledge that repetitive movement patterns, inadequate self-care and injury can lead to pain, depression and limited mobility. She believes that compassion and communication are the first steps to establishing an effective rehabilitative partnership that builds the pathway to wellness. Erin enjoys spending time with her family and friends and traveling the world; however, she is most often seen running the trails with her two-legged running community and their four-legged companions. SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Balance and falls-related disorders Myofascial pain syndrome Pediatrics Running injuries Vestibular rehabilitation

Dr. Jordan Crosser PT

imgDr. Jordan  Crosser PT


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Sarah Narine

Doctorate of Physical Therapy



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Jessica Blue

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant



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