Dr. Marty Roskoff, PT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

imgDr. Marty  Roskoff, PT


Marty is a native of upstate New York with a background in organic chemistry but switched to physical therapy when he realized that chemicals couldn’t carry a conversation and the acids were burning holes in his sweaters. Marty has a special interest in manual therapy and emphasizes evidence-based practice and functional treatment plans. Outside of work Marty likes to stay active by running and hiking, and unwinds by baking things he sees on Instagram and browsing cat adoption websites. Marty is proud to serve the LGBTQ+ community Specialties Include: Residency in Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Ola Grimsby Institute Blood flow restriction (BFR) TMJ

Dr. Paige Vivian, PT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

imgDr. Paige Vivian, PT


Paige brings an extensive background of bodywork, energy work, physical therapy, and manual therapy to her practice. She believes that her ability to connect and empathize with patients is one of the most important factors to effective treatment and trauma-informed care. Her other interests span from yoga to ballet to boxing, expanding her cooking skills, and being active in local arts and theater. She is active in the PT community by mentoring students and advocating for improved diversity, equity, and inclusivity within the field. Specialties Include: Blood flow restriction (BFR) Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist Fellow of American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Therapy Owen's Research Blood Flow Restriction Certified Practitioner Certified Structural Integrator Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Pre/Post-partum Therapy Myofascial Release Structural Integration Craniosacral Therapy Post-Operative Care Scar Management TMJ LGBTQ+ community, trauma-informed care

Dr. Mac Johnson, PT

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

imgDr. Mac Johnson, PT


Mac Johnson is passionate about helping her patients to reach their full potential. She enjoys working with athletes of all ages and often draws from her experience running track and field at Yale. Mac grew up in Portland, Oregon, and loves the Pacific Northwest. Outside of the clinic, she enjoys reading, baking, taking her road bike out for the occasional weekend ride, and training her orange tabby cat to do tricks! SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Balance and falls prevention Gait analysis Pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation


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