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Maybe you’re looking to train for a marathon, or maybe you just want to walk up the stairs. We want to help you move wherever you are. i’move doesn’t buy into fitness trends, but sticks with the medically-informed approach that physicians find to reduce pain and improve mobility time an...

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Carla Bennick


imgCarla Bennick


Varied work experiences have provided Carla with broad perspectives and keen skills. In the years since graduating from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy, she has worked in Florida, Ohio and then finally in Michigan, calling Grand Haven home since 1992. Carla has performed the roles of a physical therapy Director, Manager, and Owner throughout her career. Carla enjoys working with clients of all ages, from the student athlete to the active older adult. She is a lifelong learner and enjoys sharing knowledge with her coworkers, stating, “We always learn from one another.” Currently, she is focusing on Women’s Health issues and is working to get her certification to be a Certified Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Practitioner (PRPC). She is part of a team of i’move physical therapists developing programs for pre- and post-partum clients, the female athlete and post-menopausal women. When not working with clients, Carla enjoys the outdoors, whether it is hiking in the woods, walking the golf course or skiing through the snow. On the back of her business card, it reads, “i’m transforming.” She explains, “I’m transforming bodies to move better because if you move better, you feel better.”

William Seiler


imgWilliam  Seiler


Bill is a graduate of Hope College where he played basketball and received a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science. He then went on to receive his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. Bill has experience in general orthopedics, sports rehabilitation, running analysis, and preventative health. He is certified in applied prevention and health promotion, and believes that each person that comes in the door provides a unique opportunity for him to empower them to be as healthy as possible. He ensures his treatment incorporates components of physical well-being with the hope of improving the overall quality of life of an individual. He has developed a specialty for assessing and assisting bow hunters with shooting form, injury prevention, and shooting performance. Bill is a native of Chillicothe, Illinois. He grew up playing all sports and enjoying small town living. He and his wife chose to move to Michigan to be closer to her family as they raise their children. Outside of the clinic, Bill is passionate about family, his church, all things sports, and the great outdoors. He is an avid hunter and fisherman. He prefers bow hunting and loves fly fishing and noodling catfish. He has fished all over the world from New Zeeland to Alaska to the West Indies. Bill enjoys swapping stories of his many outdoor adventures, including favorite moments, destinations, out of the ordinary encounters, secret spots, funny stories, near death experiences and field to table preparation. He has caught and eaten squirrel, turtle, frog, duck, geese, dove, porcupine, snake, lobster, crawfish, turkey, deer, and many species of fresh and salt water fish. The back of his business card says i’m Rejuvenating. His goal is to give life back to people through the physical therapy experience with exercise, education, and rehabilitation.


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