With 27 years of orthopedic and sports rehabilitation experience, Dennis Gattoni P.T. and Suzanne Puhalovic-Gattoni P.T. are dedicated to determine the cause of their patients' problems, not just treating their symptoms.

We strive to provide our patients with the most advanced, dynamic and effectiv...

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Dennis Gattoni

Bachelors of Science/Physical Therapy

imgDennis Gattoni


Dennis Gattoni P.T. graduated from New York University in 1994 and earned his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. He began his career working at Sports Training Physical Therapy. Here he developed a solid foundation in various manual therapies such as strain counter strain, myofascial release, and craniosacral therapy. ​ In 1998, Dennis was promoted to site coordinator and was responsible for supervising support staff, daily business operations as well as treating a full caseload of patients. From 1999 to 2004, Dennis spent the next five years of his career working closely with some of the leading Orthopedic surgeons at Columbia Presbyterian. He became proficient in treating patients with sport-specific injuries, post-surgical conditions such as rotator cuff repairs, capsular shifts, SLAP repairs, ACL reconstructions, total joint arthroplasties, and knee meniscectomies. In 2000, Dennis was promoted to senior Physical Therapist and Clinical Coordinator for student affiliations. In 2004, Dennis established Innovative Approach Physical Therapy where he continues to treat a wide variety of diagnoses like migraines, neck, and lower back disorders, muscle, and tendon strain/tears, patella-femoral dysfunction, post-surgical cases like rotator cuff repairs, SLAP repairs, meniscectomies, ACL reconstructions, total hip, and knee replacements.

Suzanne Puhalovic-Gattoni

B.S. in Physical Therapy

imgSuzanne Puhalovic-Gattoni


Suzanne graduated from NYU's PT program in 1994 and earned a bachelor of science in Physical Therapy. She began practicing for Sports Training PT of Manhattan. Here she gained valuable experience treating a wide variety of sports-related and post-operative diagnoses. In 1998 STPT was acquired by HealthSouth PT and Suzanne was promoted to the site coordinator. She balanced a full caseload of patients and managed Pts and support staff. In 2003 Suzanne left HealthSouth and started working for Eveline Erni P.T. It was here that Suzanne fine-tuned her manual therapy skills and gained experience working with patients suffering from TMJ joint pain and various sports medicine and orthopedic conditions. In 2007, Suzanne joined her husband Dennis Gattoni at Innovative Approach Physical Therapy and continues working part-time at their New City NY location.


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